Monday, July 23, 2012

Kevin Little, Patrick Brastrom, Austin Shamy, Ethan Harr, Richie Dahland, X gone give it to yah and Devonte strolled up to the old Iron City for the weekend to shred some steel.  Us Fredericksburgers made it to town a few hrs before the RVA crew so we decided to hit up some a spot or two to kill some time.  A few hrs later we got worn out and headed back to the brotel to chill on some Iron city brews.

The MAN!

Pat and Austin

Band Photo - kevin little and the sex bombers

We woke up at 4:20 am to my alarm going off.  Not just any alarm though.  Some how when I plugged my phone into the ipod player/alarm clock, it played my most recent youtube video...which by the grace of god turned out to be Sex Bomb by The Tom Jones.  hahaha great way to wake up.  about 30 minutes later the RVA crew rolls in from a long night to crash in our room.  I barely remember meeting these dudes.

whole crew

Saturday 9:00 am rolls around and 8 alarms go off in perfect synchronicity, time for a manly breakfast and 8 dudes fighting to drop a deuce first.  Ready to roll.

PERFECT WEATHER...btw.  A little humid once you get moving but overcast and 78 will do perfectly.  We all rolled up to a local school with a wicked sweet setup and gnarly bank Omar Salazar hippie hops into.  wild shit went down.  manuals, nollieflips, tailslides, 270 shit, Ridiculous nosepicks to death drops and a slam for everyone.
Fucking Gnarly

Ethan settin up

Pittsburgh chillin, treflip illin

Richie fsbs the shootout


On to more spot searching when we found some crazy ass banks at MLK.  fun ass session there.  got a pic or 2, stacked a clip or 5, saw some shit get eaten, saw some zombies lurking around a park and worked up an appetite.

This guy was so hyped. and the bum was too
X layin it down sick like!
good day

Straight to Primanti Bros for some native cuisine of meat, cheese, potatoes and coleslaw packed into one glorious hunk of OG Pittsburgh sammich, complimented with an Iron City Light 24oz.  Skated down to check out the local shop One Up, check out their scene, get hyped on the new Transworld video and pick up a new board or two.

Now its time to soul skate around the city lurking for spots.  turns out we found plazas on plazas only to get kicked out with the quickness.  alright lets go back to the hotel and chill some more.

We hit the beer store only to find gold.  12 packs of 24oz PBRs for $10.50.  unheard of and delicious.

At the hotel we flooded the gates, burned down the city, talked about how awesome today was, had some heart to hearts and creeped on some good lookin ladies from the smoking balcony.

I'm gettin lazy here. Sunday was tight... Back to that school to finish some business, get sweaty and get some clips.  Long ass huge flat bar down the street got a mile long crook pop then headed down the hill to find some boss ledges.  The hunt for handrails was unsuccessful for the weekend so we headed to the other Primanti Bros to get some more grub and fine tunes.
mile long
sick ass ledge
5-0 film fuck up that looks sick btw.
Stroll up and head 'em out boys, we're hittin the peach plaza then headin home. Peach plaza turns out to be one of the tightest concrete parks I've been too but we were all too skated out to shred our hardest.  lol we looked like we were dying out there but still landing some ish!

Turns out we headed home way later than expected if we even expected to leave early-ish.  Stopped for gas, grub and one last goodbye to the holmes before we hit the highway.

Best skate trip thus far, thanks homies lets do it again!  Awesome peeps, Awesome spots, everyone got a clip, almost everyone took a slam, got some tight intstant 3x4 prints on the polaroid land camera 340.

Until next time keef it real with the reiff for life!

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